Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tarrifs Can Hurt Businesses They Are Designed to Protect

Consider Ford.

Ford, and all other US auto manufacturers enjoy 25% tarrif protection from foreign made pickup trucks. That means that anyone trying to sell pickup trucks not made in the US has to pay a 25% tax on that pickup once it reaches the US. You don't see any such trucks on the US market even though there are some worthy models out there to import.

Instead, pickup trucks have become the profit centers for all three US brands. I'm sure that the pickup trucks made in the US by Toyota and Nissan are also very profitable. Why is this bad for Ford?

Ford just announced that they are getting out of the car business to focus on pickup trucks and truck like SUVs. In other words, Ford is so addicted to easy pickup profits that they will neglect autos. Rather than take those easy money profits and invest in learning how to make small and mid size cars better and more profitably, Ford will take the easy road and just make protected trucks.

You might say that the US market simply prefers pickup trucks. I might answer that by saying that auto ads are truck ads and that the public has been conditioned to want manly vehicles. The temporarily low fuel prices of the last few years has fed that demand.

Prices will rise, economical transportation will be in demand again and Ford won't have anything to offer. Don't worry, Honda, Hyundai and others will be there to take up the slack, and Ford will probably come asking for a bailout.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

I call BS

Things we eat and drink are constantly being challenged or championed. Certain food items are bad for our health, then good. Lately I watched as stories were pushed touting first coffee then moderate consumption of alcohol as contributing to a long life.

As someone who has drank his fair share of each, I was first heartened to read these stories, but skeptical nevertheless. Therefore I asked that world renowned expert, Dr Google, if Mormons have a longer life expectancy than Americans as a whole. They do, and by roughly 10 years.

Mormons famously drink neither alcohol nor coffee. If the recent reports are true, they would add another 5 or 6 years to their lives if they did. I'm sure they won't and that if they did it wouldn't help.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Cool Design Makes Fruit Fun and Easy to Eat

Ok, I guess most of you think fruit is already easy to eat. Kiwis however require a little work, though they are well worth it. That fuzzy skin, think two day beard, is not good eats.

I happened on Mighties in the produce section amoungst the other fruit aimed at the school lunch crowd. The spoon knife packed with the kiwis is genius! The spoon has a nice rounded edge that scoops the kiwi out of the fuzzy skin. Just cut an end off with the knife end and scoop with the spoon.

It's fun!