Wednesday, November 29, 2017

More Outrage, Just Sexual

The floodgates have opened. Every day new, and more shocking, names are being added to the list. All the cases we are hearing about involve public figures. I have to wonder if the same thing is going on in the private sector.

Are abusive bosses being outed, or are they able to covet up their activities? And its not just the men misbehaving, I'm seeing a regular stream of stories about school teachers misbehaving with their male underage students.

Seems like the times are ripe for a new type of office betting pool. Rather than bet on the next star to die, I can see pools started betting on the next public figures to be accused of misbehavior. I predict that two figures that will never be accused are Jimmy Carter and the current Pope.

I would be heartbroken to be proven wrong.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Outrage Fatigue

I'm fed up with both sides of the political spectrum. They both seem to exist on a constant diet of outrage. There doesn't seem to be enough truly outrageous things for either side so more and more mundane things are being elevated to outrage status.

I'm not listing examples or naming names, the list of either is long and obvious. There seems to be no center left. Calm reasoning and useful solutions are whats needed and are in short supply.

Maybe two political parties will always fracture like this. One side always demonizing the other. I am enjoying watching the German system where a government is trying to form by bringing together multiple parties and trying up front to reconcile their differences. This most recent attempt may be failing but the trying is what impresses me.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


You can't get any more thankful than a pet with a new toy.