Friday, August 31, 2018

New State, New Life

I've been a little busy for the last few months. First I put my house in Illinois on the market, it's a lot of work cleaning and staging a house to sell. That work is nothing compared to the job of packing up your house and actually moving. I bought a house in Florida and cleaning, moving, unpacking and arranging the new house is even harder still.

It's basically over now, I can get both cars in the garage and the boxes that are left to go through are dwindling. I've got my Florida driver's license and voter's registration but still need to register my vehicles in Florida. That can happen now that I have auto insurance transferred.

I moved at the end of June and got to Florida the beginning of July, the heat of the summer. Lots of people in Illinois told me that they couldn't take the heat and humidity. It's not so bad. Personally I enjoy temperatures around 45 degrees F best so it may seem strange that I chose Florida. I can handle it.

Best of all, I gave away my snow blower, shovels, ice scrapers and salt. I intend to never drive on ice or snow again. Cheers from the sunshine state!