Thursday, September 13, 2018

Keeping Busy - Could You Use any Help?

I'm retired but I want/need to keep busy. I've got my unpacking done, I do my own yard and I hang out at the golf course. I've still got time to do odd jobs and handyman work for the neighborhood. Up to now, all the jobs I've been doing have been unpaid, either for myself or family. I know there are jobs that the people in Sugarmill Woods need done and I'm available to help.

Here's a list of some of the jobs I can help with.

  • Yard Maintenance - I mow my own yard but probably don't have the right equipment to do other people's yards. But there is a lot that lawn mowing guys don't do. I can trim and shape bushes, pull vines out of the bushes, repair/replace sprinkler heads, power wash driveways, pull weeds, clean gutters and more.
  • Pool Maintenance - Brushing pools, monitoring chlorine and PH, cleaning pool filters, washing pool decks, scrubbing "ring around the pool", minor pool tile re-grouting and more.
  • Electrical Maintenance - Replace light fixtures, switches and circuit breakers, repair lamps, replace high up bulbs, replace ceiling fans and more
  • Computer Assistance - Troubleshoot computers, replace your screen or printer, get your cell phone to work with your computer and printer and more.
  • Plumbing Repair - Replace faucets, stop toilets from constantly running, stop small leaks and more.
  • Around the House - Furniture assembly, small to medium painting, wall patching, curtain hardware installation, caulking and repairs of all sorts.
If its a job I don't feel I can do well, I'll tell you. The jobs I do take on will all be handled in a workman-like manner and I clean up after myself. I have and will bring my own tools and that includes ladders buckets cleaning supplies sponges and drop cloths. Sometimes I may need to run to the store for an extra or special part and you will only pay what it cost me to buy it.

Let me know what you need done and I'll look at it and give you a quote.

Richard Anderson
(847) 644-6560 - mobile, you can text this number too